See you Anytime, Somehow!


          All of us are moving forward in life, not without the help of people around us, and one of them are our instructors who inspired us much ^_^.  

Saying the word “farewell” is so dramatic to me, ‘cause I’m not a kind of person who is used to say those words, (laughs). I prefer to say” see you around, anytime, somehow!”

Well, ma’am Jackie? Thank you for having such a great positive attitude. I really acknowledge that you’re an excellent instructor. You’re kind of an instructor who stimulates us (your students) to unusual effort that truly we are of different skills especially with regards to computer (blogging, etc).

Actually at first, I never thought of encountering the know-how steps of making a blog and html. But with this subject and one of a kind instructor, I gain such knowledge! Now I have the passion of pursuing to improve it. I’m not really a very skilled person when it comes to computer aspects, and you see, somehow I’m anxious and flustered every time we start our class ‘cause it’s unpredictable of what we’ll do next, hehe. At first, I’m also worried when you told us to make our own blog and html, well that’s kind of surprising! I was expecting more of ms word documents relating to our course. I don’t know what to put, and to write first, yet an instructor really does never let their students get left behind! You told us to write what’s on our mind and what’s on the bottom of our hearts. Until then, I was fond of posting some of my insights, opinions, observation, reflections, experiences and whatsoever. I learned and somehow I was entertained! I also, like the way the subject was broken up into manageable components (practical inms word excel, documents, websites; html and blog) because its much easier to learn and retain the material that way.  It was extremely valuable and helpful.

Thank you for all the help again ma’am Jackie! Having an instructor like you, who is enthusiastic, approachable, and willing to help your students were important in making this subject less intimidating. Well, this ends my inputs, see you Anytime, Somehow!


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It’s Only just the Beginning


        How does it feel to be complimented by people? What do you feel when your relatives admired you? That they give you the importance being a part of them?

Well, if it’s great then, I envy you. It’s so great to feel not being ignored by the ones around you. It’s very wonder full that you feel you’re being wanted. You feel relieve that your family and relatives are proud of what you are and what you do., yet  it’s opposite in my case.

My mother told me before that before I was born, our relatives wanted her to abort me, it’s very much okay if they had only one child to bear (that is my older sister, you see) to answer her very needs because my parents are not wealthy, they only live in simple life. My mother was really hesitant of what to decide, and then she prayed to God. When she bowed down and prayed to God because of confusements, she saw God’s anger through an image if she decided to abort me. She knew that God will bear whatever circumstances we had in life especially in raising a child. With that, fortunately she didn’t followed what our relatives had recommended.

But circumstances doesn’t just end there. Since childhood I never felt the warmth welcome from our relatives; my aunties, uncles, cousins particularly on my father’s side. I never felt the presence of being accepted when they are around. I heard much of their compliments, praises coming through their very mouth when my older sister is with them, while they always address me with  destructive critics, insults and whatever negatives that really offended me. They said that my sister is the pride of our family; endowed with beauty and wittiness, while I have nothing and no guts at all. And that they were right of telling my mother of abandoning me (they were harsh, you know?). Do know what exactly is the feeling of like never been existed at all, as if your invisible even if your already in front of them and feel of being unwanted and disliked ?! That no matter what you do you are ignored, seemingly  your presence is not acknowledged almost like you don’t exist.  I experienced it many times and I feel as if a flaming arrow strikes at my heart degrading my value as a person, as a being and reducing my self-esteem.   As if they conveyed the message of whatever I’ve done is wrong, I’m at fault, and I don’t belong to them.

No matter I tried not to care of what they think of me,and letting it go, still  I am longing to be recognized and be complemented coming form their very big mouth, you see.  Because I believed that the feeling of acceptance and love starts and revolves around my family and around them; they’re part of my family whether I like it or not.  When they recognized me, that recognition draws the dimension of my being more fully into this world.

Yet, I realized everything happens for a reason.  Being into this world, experiencing the ups and downs, venturing full surprises in this life, of what may days hold and what’s in it for me, made me become stronger and braver. The more I overcome challenges in life, the stronger I become.

The  day I promised myself to become what I wanted to be, the moment it changed my life for good. Their perceptions of me turn out to be wrong. Not to boast around but just saying that  somehow I become witty and skillful, I have the talents that they could be proud of (the talent of singing, dancing, acting, drawing, and designing). I acquired medals and I am one of  the students in the honor’s list in my elementary and high school life.

Now, I’m not hearing them saying negative about me and so as no words of appreciation coming from their mouth. Well, even though I didn’t hear them valuing my achievements, it’s very much fine with me as long as no more offending words arises , and what’s important was I learned from my pasts, hoping for a brighter future, and live my life for today. No matter what, they are not the only people whom I can prove my true worth and value of life, I have my family,  friends , classmates and people who truly cared for me.

What I can say in general is that life is full of of ups and down exciting highs and depressing lows. What I need is learn to ride the bad and the good and I must appreciate the best while I can and learn to accept the very worst because it brings out the best in me. Above all, my journey doesn’t it here, it’s only just the beginning.

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Always be my “Siblings”

















My siblings? We really do love and hate each other (weird right?, yet it’s normal for a person having siblings). I love them because no matter what they’re still my older sister and younger brother, they’re part of my family (blood is thicker than water, you see). Whatever conflicts may arise or we may have, hate them in a minute but things get back to normal pace, then everything is fine. They really know me, when to act dumb, stupid, like a clown, they even know when to get serious and what really gets into my nerves. Sometimes, they provoke me to laugh and at times my wrath. we do love, revere and obey our parents. We submit to our parent’s authority and decisions. We at all times consult and seek advice from them in our activities. In return of all the things they have to us, we will always help and support them, especially in sickness and weakness. I always keep these in mind. (^_-)

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Love my Parents













Well,  my parents? Hmm, as expected of them, of course!. They’re keeping their support and management of us,(their kids) and our households. With all my life I never see them neglecting me. I’m really thankful to the Almighty to bring my life and give me these kind hearted parents. They keep us in company, support, educate and instruct us by right precepts and good examples and provide us upbringing in keeping our means. They truly provide us with love and affecting advice, counsel, companionships and understanding. Also, with moral and spiritual guidance, inculcate us with honesty, integrity, self-discipline, self-reliance, industry, and thrift. Papa and Mama stimulates our interests in civic affairs, inspire us in the compliance with duties of citizenship. They eep enhancing, protecting, preserve and maintain our physical and mental health at all times. Well, Grades to them doesn’t matter as long as our health really do affected by studies (believe me!).

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My Family ^-*


               We all know that family is the most important group to which a person ever belongs. I’ve learned in school that it’s the basic unit of the society, you know? The family serves as the individuals first and foremost school where every child learns the basic lessons in life. it provides emotional intimacy and support, care and attention. so, enough with the discussion. Let me share what was really my family like, ok?

My family and I never lose attachment and always keep on tracts of events that brought bitter, spices, and sweet moments in our lives. We are very close and intimate group( as expected to a family, right?^-^) it is where my most intense emotional experience during my lifetime are shared, experienced and exposed. among my groups, my family is the one who really knows me very well from head to toe and at the time I was born so as, from my worst’s to bests. They give me the warmth that I needed most ( but of course, most of all the Almighty). They give me sense of security, belonging, and personal worth. I really love them! For they make me feel important. They truly care for me and emotionally help me with the problems that arise in my daily life, and back me up whenever I come into conflicts with others ( as long as I do nothing wrong).

          They are the source of my strength, ideals, aspirations, inspirations and basic motivation in life.


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Lector MInistry


             When we gather to celebrate the Mass, God is present in the assembly, and so as, the preside, the scriptures, and the form of the consecrated Eucharistic bread and wine. And do you know that a lector is a part it? A lector is the minister who brings the scriptures to life for all to hear. Okay, enough about lecturing.

I am telling you these because I for one is a member of Lector ministry. I’m proud to be one for I as a reader called to be a servant of the Living Word of God.I realized that we do more than simply read. Our (lectors) spirituality must include an understanding of Holy Scripture as God’s Living Word made present to mankind throughout not only that, but also fully present in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. As I read the word of God as if those had been grasped by my heart and made me feel at ease and lighten up.

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My friends


             I really do value friendship. Aside from my family, my friends are one of the important group to me. I feel venturing out into the world when they are around.

             My friends give me worth and space in their lives to be a part of them as I was doing so to them. We really have certain common interests and values. I feel more at ease with them having the same experiences and feelings. Reciprocal relations (sharing, expressing ourselves to each other) really matters and essential to us. I really do consider them as second family.

You know?, whenever I’m not ready to share my feelings or happenings in my lif to my family, well, I share it openly and talk freely to my friends, ’cause it’s easy to confide with them; it makes me more comfortable.

We share each others likes and aware of each others dislikes. they are truly my friends whom I can count on. I’m me when I’m with them ( as what I act when I’m in our house). They company, give me advice and lend me a hand when I’m down, depressed, gloomy and frowned. With them it begins and becomes intense and personal.

       Outside from the corners of our house, if you will ask certain people about me, or what kind of person I am, then it’s better to ask them because I believe that they know exactly the answer.


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Inseperable Club



              Music restores the human spirit.

I believe it’s an outburst of the soul. When I’m weary and sick, my heart, which is overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music. As I’ve started being a member of a glee club in our University (Sanghimig Chorale), my heart is filled with bliss as I’m a part of the club. It’s difficult to let myself let go of it because I’ve already learned to love it. Everybody in the group (including me) is determined to keep singing and totally finds a way to have enough time to practice. All believe that with music we freely expressed what cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. All of us have a common goal and that is to improve our voices to become reliable for the solo part.

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The Benefits of Studying in Mindanao University of Science and Technology


            Going to a University is far outweigh than those of not. Attaining higher education could benefit us in number of ways. University let’s us experience a rich cultural and social scene, meeting a variety of people while studying something we love. This would take charge of our future by building skills and confidence and opening up new opportunities whatever stage of life we’re at. Just like Mindanao University of Science and Technology- one of the top universities in Cagayan de Oro City and probably where students are most enrolled.



Our university caters the need of the poor and also deserving students from different parts of Mindanao. One of the country’s leading providers of science and technology knowledge and skills. Academic programs are very significant in one’s university to be available and attainable where it aims to develop the students with the knowledge, skills and potential that combine advanced work in specific academic fields, thereby equipping students for professional employment in a variety of both private and public sector fields.

Some families where facing financial constraints thus, disabling to brought their teenage sons/daughters to collegiate years. But with Mindanao University of Science and Technology, they offered lower fees making courses attainable by their sons and daughters. It caters the needs of the poor and serves them with great accessible courses. Students and their families enjoyed the stay for studying, since there’s financial ease of affordable lower enrollment fees made possible by the university. They’re able to take advantage of year-round enrollment to fit their personal and professional needs.

The university does things in a way that they can make big differences. They have avery well-driven operation. Under of it, is namely and higher education service in which the University offers educational financing alternatives, which developed specifically tailored to meet individual needs of each school. This service provides us, students, the opportunities to reduce the burden of traditional lump sum payments each semester. Research service is also one, which provides support to the research and sponsored programs enterprise at this university. Centering electronic and scientific research administration system, lastly, the extension service that provides educational support with academic accountability options.

People anticipated for an advance or modernized development, since we’re facing new world that needs advancement in meeting up the complex pace of the world. There is an accessible online service that can be service providing through internet, email, or commonly accessed through its’ attainable website. Another is the Library and auto-visual services that have the basic responsibility for supporting the institution in providing seems less to the widest possible spectrum of information resources. Under it’s service in the E-library; ther equipped with internet connected computers, where students can surf the net and search information through different textual and abstract databases.

Each university needs students’ association to cater the needs of students’ majority. Thereby, this university formed association- used for the betterment of the whole student body. This students’ association refers to supreme Student Council that initiate activities which are beneficial to the students.

One excellent known for the university is attaining the totality of quality management seeking improvement of the quality products and service through ongoing requirements in response to continuous feedback. It help makes a significant contribution to implementing policies for achieving excellence. Engage range of administrative staff. And most significant of it is its co-ordination of supporting the students.

The university serves best for its higher capability of attaining its goal. They provide advanced education which responds on developing academic abilities . It provides higher technological and professional instructions in mathematics, science and technology, and engineering. It advances on research instructions for students’ capability of increasing its knowledge in discoveries and extension work.

         I believe in a short saying that gives impact to students through its’ meaning, “The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of fact but learning how to make facts live.”

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Benefits out of Positive Thinking


        What can we get from being a positive thinker? Yet the main question is, are you that positive thinking person, or are you the kind of person who easily gives up and drawn towards negative outlooks in life?

First of all, Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you keep your head in the sand and ignore life’s less pleasant situations. Positive thinking just means that you approach the unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. You think the best is going to happen, not the worst.

Well, actually, I just learned that it really benefits us, if we are that optimistic. I’m not only referring to a mentally healthy, but also our physical health, or health in general.

According to some research, it brings us exquisite outcomes pertaining to our health.  It increase life span; lower rates of depression; lower levels of distress; greater resistance to common cold; reduced risk of death from cardiovascular diseases; and best of all coping skills during hardships and times of stress. All in all, it makes a psychological and physical well-being in us. It’s even discovered that positive and optimistic people tend to live healthier lifestyles well, they get more physical activity, follow a healthier diet, and don’t smoke or drink alcohol in excess.

         What can you say about this? Hmm, well as for me, having positive outlooks enable us to cope better with stressful situations, which really reduces the harmful effects of stress in our body

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