Effects of poverty on the Family

       Poverty really does bring negative effects in the family. I do believe that this is one of the reason there is a slow pace in our economy and make people suffer.



Children of the poor are severely disadvantaged in terms of health, nutrition, emotional growth, and educational opportunities. At an early age they are already required to help support their family and are thus, exposed to objectionable and sometimes illegal and immoral influences. Many young girls must marry early or work as domestics, waitresses, or entertainers in bars and restaurants to help support their families.

Another questionable influence especially among adolescent youths is the barkada, a gang relationship, which is now continued to grow as far as I know. Most wives join labor force because of economic pressure. However, among the middle and upper classes, married women continue to work even when the families financial do not demand it. Philippine society approves women working outside the home and the additional income provides those extras that make life more pleasant and help to save for the children’s higher education.

Unemployment and underemployment are two factors that have affected family income and have resulted in changes in the traditional structure of the family. To solve this problem, some males and females have taken jobs overseas.

Since married overseas workers leave their families behind, the remaining parent is left to raise their family. This results in temporary single parentage. Often, the emotional strain, loneliness, and anxiety become major problems for both the husband and the wife. The resultant increase in income may also lead to value disorientation. The household standard of living rises appreciably and there is a tendency toward extravagance and the purchase of consumer goods rather than in savings which earn income.

        These are some of the effects of poverty happened on the family, yet I am sure and positive enough that you have some more also to say or write further.




December 22, 2011. Insights, situational/practical.


  1. anant replied:

    It is said that poverty is a curse !!! It is not a curse because birth is not in your hand. But to remain in poverty by neglecting opportunities and die in poverty is a crime.If you want to come out of poverty it should be done by consulting with your family members. If they are not understanding the problem then you have to convince them or take a guidance from NGO or Social Organization. Before taking any step the individual in poverty should take a note of himself.What is his bio-data ? What are his plus points ? Poverty is not a minus point !!! The individual should find out his talent.What is so special about him ? Many kids stayed in poverty but studied hard to become DOCTOR AND ENGINEER .Their parent are maid servant in Buldhana, Maharashtra.Their children have successfully completed their education and realized their dream. You should have burning desire to realize your dream.You can achieve your dream where ever you are living. To raise above the level is very refreshing thought. But thought should be channelized properly .

    Actually I was searching an suitable image through which I came across to your blog. There are so many articles.The poverty article is very good. Other articles also I will read and let you know.I liked your writing.If you don’t mind I will put your link in my blog as well as photo.I also invite you to my blog.I am confident that you will also like my blog and my thoughts.

  2. sheen123animefreak replied:

    that’s right!!!
    truly a person’s future does lies in his/her hand, a person acquires good or bad remarks depending on what he/she does.
    Thank you very much for sharing!
    No worries, I will!

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    • sheen123animefreak replied:

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