The Benefits of Studying in Mindanao University of Science and Technology


            Going to a University is far outweigh than those of not. Attaining higher education could benefit us in number of ways. University let’s us experience a rich cultural and social scene, meeting a variety of people while studying something we love. This would take charge of our future by building skills and confidence and opening up new opportunities whatever stage of life we’re at. Just like Mindanao University of Science and Technology- one of the top universities in Cagayan de Oro City and probably where students are most enrolled.



Our university caters the need of the poor and also deserving students from different parts of Mindanao. One of the country’s leading providers of science and technology knowledge and skills. Academic programs are very significant in one’s university to be available and attainable where it aims to develop the students with the knowledge, skills and potential that combine advanced work in specific academic fields, thereby equipping students for professional employment in a variety of both private and public sector fields.

Some families where facing financial constraints thus, disabling to brought their teenage sons/daughters to collegiate years. But with Mindanao University of Science and Technology, they offered lower fees making courses attainable by their sons and daughters. It caters the needs of the poor and serves them with great accessible courses. Students and their families enjoyed the stay for studying, since there’s financial ease of affordable lower enrollment fees made possible by the university. They’re able to take advantage of year-round enrollment to fit their personal and professional needs.

The university does things in a way that they can make big differences. They have avery well-driven operation. Under of it, is namely and higher education service in which the University offers educational financing alternatives, which developed specifically tailored to meet individual needs of each school. This service provides us, students, the opportunities to reduce the burden of traditional lump sum payments each semester. Research service is also one, which provides support to the research and sponsored programs enterprise at this university. Centering electronic and scientific research administration system, lastly, the extension service that provides educational support with academic accountability options.

People anticipated for an advance or modernized development, since we’re facing new world that needs advancement in meeting up the complex pace of the world. There is an accessible online service that can be service providing through internet, email, or commonly accessed through its’ attainable website. Another is the Library and auto-visual services that have the basic responsibility for supporting the institution in providing seems less to the widest possible spectrum of information resources. Under it’s service in the E-library; ther equipped with internet connected computers, where students can surf the net and search information through different textual and abstract databases.

Each university needs students’ association to cater the needs of students’ majority. Thereby, this university formed association- used for the betterment of the whole student body. This students’ association refers to supreme Student Council that initiate activities which are beneficial to the students.

One excellent known for the university is attaining the totality of quality management seeking improvement of the quality products and service through ongoing requirements in response to continuous feedback. It help makes a significant contribution to implementing policies for achieving excellence. Engage range of administrative staff. And most significant of it is its co-ordination of supporting the students.

The university serves best for its higher capability of attaining its goal. They provide advanced education which responds on developing academic abilities . It provides higher technological and professional instructions in mathematics, science and technology, and engineering. It advances on research instructions for students’ capability of increasing its knowledge in discoveries and extension work.

         I believe in a short saying that gives impact to students through its’ meaning, “The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of fact but learning how to make facts live.”


February 17, 2012. Insights, situational/practical.

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